Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny & Not So Funny

Lily tonight while we're getting ready for bed. "What does deserve mean?"
Me: "where did you hear that word?" (this is after I've tried to explain it and I'm not doing very well.)
Lily: "I didn't hear it, it was just in my voice."
"It's just in my head. How did it get there?"
Me: Fumbling for a good way to explain doing what you should so you get what is due to you, but that still sounds terrible as I say it.
Lily: "But what does it mean?"
Me: "Daddy, want to try and explain?"

Walking back from our neighbor's after having cake and ice cream to celebrate their 7 year-old's birthday. "Where's Luna?" (the moon) We both answer that she's not out yet, maybe she's at the other side of the Earth. Lily says, "Maybe she just forgot."

Which brings us to the not funny. Going over for cake (and the pizza we had for dinner that dropped crumbs that burned and smoked in the oven, smelling up the house) put us past bedtime for Imogene. And Bill knew this wasn't our best idea and I should have listened to him. But of course, I tried to tell myself that she'd be ok and could handle a little bit past bedtime (like 30 minutes). I was wrong. We're so tied down sometimes when it comes to Imogene. We have just completed our first hour trying to get her to go to sleep. I spent 20 minutes this morning and this afternoon getting her to sleep for her naps. We're in such a mess when it comes to her sleeping.

And tomorrow'sOT. I realized tonight I let the whole week go by without practicing the constraint therapy at home (which I call Home Therapy or HT, to myself of course). PT has her wearing the little hip-helper biker shorts two hours a day, so I've been trying to get that in, and just let the constraint slip. I wonder if there will ever be a week where I go to OT and PT and don't feel at all guilty about what we do at HT!

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