Monday, August 2, 2010

Have you Missed Us?

Of course you haven't! But if you have, I've tried to catch up on what's been going on around here. Bill and I went away this weekend, which gets it's own post, above. Imogene and Bill are both recovering nicely. We're really, really hoping for a nice, quiet week and weekend. None of us can handle much more than we did in July. Here are some pictures to catch up on a few things.
These are the cuties that we visited a few weeks ago in Richmond. Remember I described how Lily and Imogene wouldn't socialize and we came home early. This is my proof.

My two. Sitting away from the others, even when invited to join in on the couch. Lily actually looks concerned. Imogene was pretty happy at this moment to be right with Lily, but of course freaked out when I walked away.

This is the night before her surgery. 
I got her that dress from Just Ducky  in March, and it just now fits her ( sort of). I was really trying to get her in the chair to compare her old "month" pictures since she'd just turned 18 months. But instead I got this...

Kissing the dog in the book. She does this often. It's really very funny and sweet.

She's telling us all about the dog.

This was the night of the surgery. She's actually completely clear now - you'd never know it had looked like that 2 weeks ago!

In Lily's bed. Last week they played in there while I did laundry and had a blast pretending to sleep. Now Imogene wants right in Lily's bed with a book, and covers pulled up over her.

Therapy last week. Susan had her playing with some farm animals, and then got her to take a few steps and drop them in the big tube. When the dog went in, she made her 'uh-oh' sound and wanted to get in there and save him!

This is actually fun!

Lily had another baseball birthday party last week, which she loved of course. The family was so lucky that it was just barely 90 degrees, since the weekend prior it was in the 100s!

It was so nice here yesterday afternoon. When Bill and I got back into town we took the girls up to the park. Bill got this on his phone! How cute are they - and can you see? Imogene's eye is completely clear. 

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