Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching Up Again!

Except for Stella & Dot, things really have been pretty routine for us in August, which is SO nice for a change.
Last Sunday at church we were the volunteers in the 4 year old room.
 Imogene sat right up at the table with the big kids and ate her snack!

This is in Old Navy. For some reason Lily HAD to have her picture taken. It's fascinating to me how much more outgoing ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 have been for her. Last week another parent at church said, "I heard you are going to Maine and the water will be really cold so you won't swim. And that Bill can't fly with y'all so he'll drive and pick you up at the airport." All of that came straight from Lily. She's so social these days - always chatting up adults and kids alike!

Lily and I went to Carter's one Sunday to get a few back-to-school things. She tried them on when we got home, and someone else tugged at her clothes and fussed and fussed until we let her try them on too!

I shudder to think how much ice cream and sorbet these too have eaten this summer!

Yet another trip to the soft playroom with Lucy & Lola! The lighting in there is so strange! Lola and Imogene were very proud to be sitting together.

Trying out a new frozen yogurt place. Imogene would not put the spoon down.

Put them together and that would have been cute of the two of them! 

A little therapy update. In OT we're sort of letting Imogene dictate things, what with her insistence on walking around everywhere. She rips the hand splint off every time I put it on, so we're taking a break from that. Her SPIO compression suit came, and she's tolerating it okay. She'll wear it a lot more in the fall when it's not so blazing hot. It's a very thick material, and there's no way she could have it on outside. As far as PT goes, we haven't stopped to celebrate the walking for a second. Still full-steam ahead. Imogene is dragging her right leg, and not bearing near enough weight on it - she almost "limps" sometimes. She will need a brace on her foot/leg to help her stop turning it out. We will wait until we see Dr. Morozova in October to get her opinions on what the best brace is. She is also hyper-extending her knee, but I haven't yet figured out what the solution to that is! But in all, it's just so exciting that she's walking at 19 months! And she's so much happier to be able to walk around like everyone else. Last night we walked around after eating supper and she was just squealing/screaming in delight. She entertained the entire shopping/dining area we were in! 

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  1. So fantastic that Imogene is walking. Just shows how determined she is. Yah!