Monday, August 30, 2010

Heat Go Home!

We are spending the week in Prospect Harbor, Maine which is near Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park. It's less than 2 hours from Canada. Go figure that it would be 90 degrees here this week. And the house we're staying in has no A/C. Not exactly what we were hoping for. It's not the hot we get in DC, but it's still hot all the same, and so not what we were expecting when we planned the trip. Of course the weather forecast here starting Friday is low 70's and high 60s. Wouldn't you know!
But it's absolutely gorgeous here. The house is on the water, and right this minute Lily is out exploring on the rocks by the ocean, with the beautiful lobster fishing boats behind her. She's supervised, don't worry! We cooked lobsters in the kitchen last night. Delectable and so cheap since we bought them fresh just down the road. We've been to a self-serve farm stand, and took a beautiful trip to part of Acadia. This mornng we went to a little 'cove' that had a sandy beach, and the girls both had so much fun. Imogene loved the water - even though it was about 50 degrees!

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  1. If you want to bring me something from Maine, bring lobster!!! I can't believe you just bought it on the street!