Monday, August 23, 2010


Lily went to a playdate today - the great kind where I got to drop her off and run some errands with Imogene. Imogene is a handful, but things like the grocery shopping are so much easier with just one kid. Especially the one who doesn't know to ask for things on the shelves! Lily was a little hesitant about the playdate. Apparently she "called" me several times while she was there to tell me she was doing okay, then to see where I was, and then to see when I was coming back to get her.

Imogene played her first game of Ring Around the Rosy today. We sing it during Speech Therapy so she gets the concept. It was precious watching her try and shuffle around in a circle. She loved the falling down part. I remember this about Lily -she always fell down early, and so does Imogene. The best part - when she fell down she would lay all the way down and pretend to go to sleep! She has such a personality and knows when she's being funny or silly.

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