Thursday, August 5, 2010

She's on the Move

Imogene is very proud of herself for getting around on her own!
Pay no attention to the gigantic mosquito bite on her forehead.

Walking and carrying a drink around at the same time!

And of course someone else wants in on the action.
Lily has watched "Barbie and the Mermaid Tale" about 6 times in the last week. Part of the discussion in the movie is being human v. being mermaid. Lily just asked me "I'm human right?" As I said to Jill yesterday, I really hope that her reading comprehension is as good as her movie comprehension! She has the dialogue memorized, and even repeats the lines "in character." She totally gets the intonation and attitude in the character's voices. Oh this kid!

The girls and  I took a quick trip to the zoo on Monday. We visited the komodo dragon - Lily's first time seeing it. I am not a fan of reptiles AT ALL. So it was big of me to take this picture, since it's one of Bill's favorite animals at the zoo. Lily saw this picture and said "Can we go see that dragon again, and can I wear those jeans, and those shoes, and that shirt, and that headband, and my hair in a ponytail and carry that little baby panda that I got?" She's nothing but thorough. She also really enjoys going into the reptile house and seeing the "Gigantic snake." I can only assume she's referring to the anaconda they have because I have not been in there in very, very long time. I was so thankful that there was a line to get in, so that I could pull the "we don't have time for that today" card. She wants me to go see that snake so badly, and I just cannot do it!

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