Sunday, August 15, 2010

To the River We Went!

Last night we had a great time on the Severn River, near Annapolis, at a party hosted by Bill's friends from Washington & Lee. It was such fun to see Amy and Anne Van, and all of Bill's other "W&L girls!"
We could not have asked for better weather this weekend. Today was rainy, but every now and then that's not so bad! Yesterday was perfect though, and we spent a ton of it outside.

Lily could not get enough of the crab baskets on the dock. Her persistence paid off in the end when we finally saw a basket with 5 crabs in it!

Imogene is really having a good time these days being able to move around on her own. At church this morning she just walked around the fellowship hall during coffee hour. So mobile and curious! And SO proud of herself.

Lily was such a social, outgoing thing at the party. She is really growing up - even 6 months ago she would have clung to one of us the entire time. But she made friends with the other kids there, and was very talkative to all the adults.

Swinging by the water, what could be better?

Imogene looks so "over it" but Lily and I were having a great time!

Our Stella & Dot jewelry arrived! Lily couldn't have been happier to model her little girls' pieces for me. And of course strike some silly pose.

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  1. the pic of you and the girls is precious - imogene looks so happy and adorable in all the pics and i can't believe how social lily is! btw, i had a friend up here that had a stella and dot party last fall...hope that works out for you! i'm sure you're great at it!