Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Lily

During a conversation about consequences, in the saddest voice you've EVER heard, "But I love the things I really like."
Discussing Bill having to drive to our vacation to Maine while the ladies fly (due to his eye) "But Dad, you'll have fun. You can call people on the phone, and listen to your book."
Imogene was screaming about having the top off her sippy cup the other night, because Lily had her's off.
"Mom, why don't you just put my top back on?" DUH!
She was playing princesses with her Daddy this week, and when Daddy did his best princess imitation and said he lived with the 7 dwarfs, she told him, "No you don't Daddy, Snow White lives with the dwarfs." And later told him that she wanted to talk to Daddy, in his regular voice.
To a young friend from church who is in high school, "So, Maddie, I was wondering if you like to play princesses." And then, "I've been panicking at my mom to go to Disney World. But we have to wait until my sister is 4." Later in the day she asked Imogene if she was "just panicking to get Mommy to hold you?"
Instead of stopping the car, she asks you to "freeze it."
We were having a super fun dance party in the kitchen last night, and she was singing away to Miley Cyrus and when she sings she gets her face all scrunched up like a heavy metal rocker hitting a high note. She looked at me and said, "Mom, make sure you do your face like this (cue scrunch up.)"

Imogene had speech, OT and PT this week. All good! She even let DeeDee rub on her face while we were doing some singing to get some manipulation in her right side. As I was thinking in my head "Gee, I can blog about how tolerant she's being of DeeDee," DeeDee said - "she's really tolerating me doing this well, isn't she?" Amy the OT is out for the next two weeks, but when she gets back we'll do some constraint again. We've given Imogene a little break and not done much in order to let her enjoy her new walking feet more. In PT today we tried a new way to use the tape around her thigh and knee, and she worked on raising up on the balls of her feet, and walking up and down a small ramp. She only screamed at Susan for a little bit!

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  1. Our clever Lily! Put the lid back on my cup.
    Why do adults insist on making things so complicated?