Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eye Update

Bill's appointment went well. He needs to ease into normal activities, but his retina looks good. He can lay down in a bed again, which I know he's excited about. He's been upright since Thursday morning. The doctor said he'll be able to tell how things are going and if he's doing too much based on the bubble that he has in his eye from the procedure - the bubble is helping the pressure in his eye. He needs to limit commotion, but can start holding the girls again, etc.
She must have read the blog last night, because Imogene figured I wasn't quite tired enough. After it took an hour to get her to go to sleep, she was up for over 4 straight hours last night. So I'm still without any energy to get a good posting here. But she had a good speech session this morning. Made a sound that was close to bubble, and said something like "pop!" Of course I have not been able to get her to say either since!

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