Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking...for your love...

Our little love is walking! Imogene takes anywhere from 5-20 steps at a time now. She pulls herself up off the floor to standing without any help. She is so proud of herself. The cutest thing is when she plays music on her fridge toy, she turns in a circle and "dances."  Tonight I was in the kitchen and I heard feet coming my way. Expecting Lily, I looked over and it was Imogene! She keeps her left arm up in the air for balance. Her right leg is definitely doing something different than the left. Amy said during OT today that she is dragging that leg. We'll see how Susan describes it tomorrow. She turns her right foot out just a bit as well. We noticed all this when she first started taking steps, and Susan said it was possible she would need a brace. Last week we didn't really talk much about the walking, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. We are still planning to try some kinesiotape on her foot, as well as working on getting the SPIO suit/vest ordered.
OT went very well today. Imogene tolerated the E-stim machine well, and let Amy and I hold her left arm down and she used her right arm without much fussing. Amy said it was one of her best sessions.
My aunt, Jill, is here visiting us this week. It's funny to me that Lily calls her "Aunt Jill." I've always just called her "Jill," but now I say "Aunt Jill" too! Jill is always a big help and I enjoy her being here very much. Yesterday we took the girls to play with some Westminster friends at the soft playroom. Imogene walked all over the place there - I think the plastic flooring with the cushioning really allowed her to get a good grip and take off. She was in heaven! Jill also got to go see our little fish swim this afternoon. Lily is just taking off in the pool. She still wants to wear her 'water-wings' but will put her face in the water and swim. Today she swam "backstroke." She'll jump in without anyone catching her and go under. She actually puts herself under and loves it. I'm so excited that she likes the water so much. It really makes going to the pool a lot more fun with the two of them. Last week's swim lessons were well worth it!
Again, I need to thank my mom and my sister for being here last weekend while we went away. From both their 'reports' Lily was an angel to her sister, and to them. They both said that we don't need to leave directions, because Lily tells you everything you need to know about both her care, and Imogene's.

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