Friday, August 27, 2010

She has a "baba"

Imogene has fallen a ton, and I mean a ton, since she started walking. Until the last 24 hours she'd been relatively injury free. Not anymore. Yesterday she was trying to get to me, screaming and clawing for me and she bumped her mouth on the chair. Tiny little cut right under her lip, and then inside her lip. I was pretty sure for a minute that she'd bitten all the way through! And then today we walked Lily down to Lucy's, and on the way back Imogene was just having the time of her life walking down the sidewalk, and fell and scratched her knee. She kept saying 'ba-ba' ... which is her universal word, but she really was telling me boo-boo I think!
This isn't after she fell. This is after I took the camera away from her the other day when she was trying to carry it around the house. Yes I took a picture. Yes that's kind of mean.

Last Friday we went to see Maggie in a play she was in after two weeks of theatre camp. Lily sat for the entire thing and did not take her eyes off the stage for 45 minutes. She didn't even care that I left her in the row by herself (all the Chamberlains were in the row in front of us, and Miss Patty sat with her for a lot of it.) Imogene did not really like it getting dark and there was some 'commotion' during the performance, which Imogene was not happy about. Lily talks all the time about how Maggie played a MOM in the play, and how there were girls who pretended to be boys. 

With the Star after the show!

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