Friday, April 16, 2010

Yard Sale

We're surrounded by yard sale items. Literally our entire main floor is covered in stuff. Grunny & Charlie arrived this afternoon - thank goodness! We were able to get a lot done while they were here. I had told Lily that I had a job for her to do with Grunny, clean the high chair. I knew she'd be all over this because the child loves to use spray bottles. She said "Mom, we'll get it done in no time. I'll clean it very perfectly. I have been a good sprayer before so I'll spray Grunny's towel for her. You'll be so excited when you see it you'll say it's so sparkly." True to her word, she made it very sparkly and boy did she help Grunny spray. And spray. And spray.
Later she came in from playing outside and asked so sweetly if she could help. About 5 minutes into putting tags on things she said, "Okay thanks for the help. Gotta go." She woke up this morning and told me there would be no fussing and no crying. She was going to be happy-Lily all day. I have to say she was pretty true to her word.
Imogene ate and ate and ate at dinner tonight. She just kept pointing at the table, not really at any one thing, just in the general direction of food. When we gave her the mac & cheese bowl Lily didn't eat she was literally chewing the spoon. She abandoned the spoon after a while, and when all in with the hand. Then she decided to actually hold/hug the bowl in her lap. Too funny that little one.
Wish us luck on the yard sale. We don't really care about making money - we just want rid of the stuff!
(And let's all pray or think about Virginia Tech tonight. It's been three years since 32 students and faculty members were killed. Hard to believe that amount of time (seems longer to me) has passed. I can remember immediately thinking that it just wasn't possible that it happened at Tech. Blacksburg was my own heaven -still is even though I haven't been there since before the shootings. I am not sure I'll ever love a location/town/school like I loved being in the 'burg. It was the friends I had there for sure, but there was something about that place that was perfect for me. My thoughts went to Lily that day too. How do you keep your children safe for their entire lives? That's what I thought - how will I keep her safe every day of her life even when I'm not around? If you weren't safe at VT, where were you safe? I think I feel less 'dire' now, but it's still so hard to imagine what the families and the school as a whole went through. I'm not sure I'll ever wrap my head around that - or if I even want to. I love you Hokies!)

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