Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Day

We got our new computer. It's an iMac, so it's going to take me a little while to learn how to go from the PC world to the Mac world, but so far I'm in absolute heaven with this thing.
Tonight at bedtime Lily asked for an "act-up" story. The other night I thought she said "active." Finally figured it out, she wanted a "made-up" story.
Lily and I turned on the Masters this morning just in time to see Phil Mickelson and Lee Westwood tee off. Lily immediately decides she is pulling for Phil. She knows a winner when she sees one. All day she'd say, "I just need to see how Phil's doing." My favorite of her comments of the entire golf watching -while Tiger is in the bunker. "Why does he have such a grumpy face? (Explain that it's because it can be difficult to hit from the sand bunker.) She responds, "or maybe it's because he is sad he's messing up his nice shoes?" During the green jacket interview in Butler Cabin she kept saying how great it was that she was getting to see Phil talk and how she thought he had a very nice voice. And then in the same breath "I think it's very nice that we have the window open because I like that fresh breeze that's here."
She also today in one breath came in from outside and told me how she was the house seller in her play house outside and she was giving people things to sell (we've been getting ready for our yard sale all weekend.) And how she could give me some things to sell and "can I please have that banana?" Literally all of that was in one breath. She also told me today how nice it is to have a baby sister, but "boy is that baby sister a lot of work."
Have I mentioned that Imogene is crawling up the stairs? Well she is. And she likes to clap when she does something she knows is worthy of pride and adoration. And she took two LONG naps today for Bill, so throw out everything I said about anything to do with napping this past week.
Stay tuned for pictures - that is once I figure out how to do that on this new computer!

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