Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tonight at bedtime we read "Knuffle Bunny." In the book Trixie goes "boneless" when she can't get her daddy to understand what she's saying. Like when a kid turns into a spaghetti noodle when they have a meltdown. Lily is so fascinated by that concept. After the story was over she told me two stories, one of which involved all the characters from the show "Little Bear" going "bonelessed, bonelessed, bonelessed." The mommies and daddies and grandmothers and grandpas and sisters all had to come get their little children (pronounced chiwldren, which I love) because they had gone so bonelessed. Then she told a story using props from Imogene's room (two stuffed animal rabbits and one ceramic rabbit). The mommy and daddy rabbit say night night to their sleeping baby rabbit and then they go watch TV downstairs, and then the daddy goes to sleep (drops daddy on the floor) and the mommy stays up to watch TV, and then the mommy goes to sleep (drops mommy on the floor) and then GUESS WHAT? WAAAAAA, the baby rabbit is screaming and going all bonelessed. So they didn't get to sleep and they had to get up and go help her. The End. And that, dear readers, was tonight's story time with Lily.
Two nights ago she "sang" books to herself while I put Imogene to bed. She was singing so loudly, I am amazed Imogene went to sleep. By the time I got to her, she was asleep all curled up in her bed. Too sweet. Bill and I have plans to go away for a quick weekend tomorrow night until Sunday morning. Nane and Aunt Susan will be here. Lily told me that if I tell Naney how to call me when we're gone on vacation, when Imogene wakes up she can just call me and I can just run home and help Imogene go back to sleep. Granted, we're only going to be an hour away, but that doesn't exactly sound like a vacation to me!
Poor Imogene has a high fever, which is probably from the chicken pox vaccine she got last week. I swear that baby gets whatever comes her way! It's always something with her. Imogene is really becoming more of a toddler than a baby in a lot of ways. It's hard sometimes to think of her as a toddler because of the physical delays. She absolutely loves dogs. Goes insane when she sees a picture of one (even on a T-shirt!) or hears one or Gift From Heaven, gets to pet one in person! She is so precious when she hugs her stuffed animal dogs and cuddles them up to her face. Such a lover she is! The last few days she's even said "mamamama" in my direction!

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