Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day

In case y'all didn't know, tomorrow is "Save the Earth Day." You might know April 22 as just "Earth Day" but Lily knows it as "Save the Earth Day." She has told me that tomorrow we've got to save the earth. Boy, we've got a lot to do before then. Seriously, I love that they learned about this today at school. She made a little Earth out of tissue paper and we talked about recycling (we are forever recycling here, and we aren't even that "Green" - we just recycle a lot.) She also told me tomorrow that she needs to watch TV ALL DAY because they'll be teaching about saving the earth. Not sure that she caught that at school or on a commercial.

Lily almost always scribbles when she colors. We "joke" that it's hard to tell who did the coloring, Lily or Imogene. That's kind of mean to say, but she hasn't done much but scribble. But today she actually drew a sort-of-circle in yellow and little lines around it to be the sun. Not that I'm asking her to be Georgia O'Keefe or anything, but it's nice to see her draw little objects and be all creative. I enjoy how proud she is of her "creashions."

Imogene blew a bubble at OT today. She did it all on her own - cute little lips all pursed in a circle making this precious 'blowing' sound.  Go Imogene go!

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