Saturday, April 10, 2010

That Little Stinker!

Imogene and Bill did the nap dance this morning and she went down easily and the slept for over an hour. I almost cried! But then she refused to take an afternoon nap for him. So maybe we're right that she really won't take more than one nap.
Bill was telling us all about the great day that he had at work yesterday. Lily said "Oh Daddy that's so great because you are usually being all bored at work!"
She loves for Naney to tell her bedtime stories and she's still stuck on that since she had them all week. Tonight I just told her the story of how much fun she had at a birthday party today and how much her mommy enjoyed being with her and seeing her play with her friends. She said "Now tell me a story where Lily's Daddy has so much fun with her too."

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