Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Miss My Computer

To blog since our computer died, I've been borrowing Bill's work computer. I miss my computer mostly because I have all these wonderful pictures of the girls from the last few weeks that I can't download. And my sweet friend Tiffany has this fantastic blog that always has her perfectly precious children's pictures and I feel like y'all are missing out on a good blog since I don't have any pictures! My apologies! Hopefully we'll have a computer again in the next week or two! Until then you'll have to suffer with just words.
Lily upon hearing that her friend Will was coming over to dinner. "I had a dream about that last night. That's what I was dreaming about that Will would come and eat dinner at my house. My dream was that! A nighttime playdate!" We had a great day today with Naney here to help. Imogene and I went to therapy, then we all went to school to pick-up Lily and go to Garden Club. Late this afternoon we worked in the yard and then went to the playground with friends. It has been so hot these last few days, but it's going to get very cool this weekend! Lily said in this very funny deep voice, "Worms are good. Worms are good for the dirt." She's learning a lot at garden club and loves to work in the yard and get all dirty!
Imogene's new favorite thing is to climb. She can go up the stairs without any support. Guess we need to dig out the gates! She will also rub her hand all over her head when you say "wash your hair." This started because she was copying Lily in the bathtub. She'll do anything to be like Lily!
I talked to Kristen, the SLP, while we were at OT today. She said that Imogene is on track receptively, but is delayed as far as verbal communication, but only just barely. So we'll do once a month speech therapy. That's great news for all of us. It gives us an opportunity to have her monitored without adding anything too intensive to the already full schedule!
Starting Monday, we have 6 doctor or therapy visits from Monday-Monday!
We're trying to help her learn a few sign-language words. I take her hand and rub her chest for "please." We did this so many times last night that at one point she took my hand in her's and rubbed. Guess she thought it was supposed to be both of us! She did do it on her own once in the tub. It's hard though, because she really, really, REALLY doesn't like it if you 'take over' her left because she thinks you're going to make her use her right, which she's not a fan of unless she wants to do it. Imogene is saying "tis" or "tat" which is how she tells you to get something for her. Of course it can take about 10 tries until you figure out what she wants, and then 10 minutes to calm her down when it is inevitably something she shouldn't have. She is also saying "hhhhhiiiaaaaiiiiaaa" to a few people she really recognizes. It's really fun to see her get excited about others! Lily showed her Imogene how to sign "thank you." I asked Lily where she learned that and she said "From our little friend on the short show on Nick Jr." So yes, we might watch a little bit more TV than she should, but look what she's learning!

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  1. I made the blog! :) Seriously though, if I couldn't upload pics to my blog I would be having a tough time too! Can't wait to see some pics when you get it up and running!