Thursday, April 29, 2010

How is it already Thursday? Yesterday was Lily's teacher conference. She is of course doing great. She has a hard time focusing on things when they are doing projects at the table. This is so not surprising! Lily is so interested in what other people are doing, and as her teacher said, so concerned for the well-being of her friends. Combine a big heart with huge curiosity, and you've got someone who just has to know what's going on around her at all times. It is so nice to hear her teacher say that she's concerned about her friends and always very inclusive. We can totally see that in her, but it's nice that others see it too! Imogene had two great days of therapy this week! For the second week in a row she really didn't get upset during constraint therapy, and did some great weight-shifting/weight-bearing with Susan today at PT. She also was very tolerant and patient while Amy and Susan put on her new kinesiotape today. We had discussed using the tape a while ago, and they've just been able to find a type that will stay on Imogene. The basic stuff stays on most people for 4-5 days. On Imogene it would come off withing 24-48 hours. Who knows why, guess her skin is just that soft and sweet! The two layers of tape (one 'soft/one more rigid) go across her abdominal muscles in an X, and then there is a piece that goes straight across her stomach at her diaper line. The idea behind the tape is that it engages her abdominal muscles. Right now, she's really not using her abs at all, and it's causing her to sway in the back. Over time this would be detrimental to her walking, so it's best if we work on it now. It's kind of like she has a little 'buddha' belly with a curved lower back - not good for your balance, or for engaging the stomach muscles you need to walk, etc. The tape is one way we're working on straightening this out.
On Wednesdays, Lily's teacher sends home a note with information about what they did in school that week. We asked Lily what she did in school yesterday and she said, "I don't know. Look at the note." She was begging for a poodle this morning (Animal Planet has dog shows on - Imogene LOVES it.) I told her we couldn't get a poodle, or any other dog for that matter, right now. Thinks about it and says, "Okay, how about we go after Imogene's nap."
Imogene was up last night from 1:30 until 3:30. There was no apparent reason, and she would only really scream and cry if she was in her crib too long awake. She sat with each of us and would sleep, wake, sleep, wake. I kept wondering how many times in the last 15+ months we've gotten up with her. And how many times we've asked ourselves "why is she awake? what's going on with her?" I would guess there's only been about 10-15 nights when she hasn't gotten up at least once. Figure she's at about 450ish days old, so I'd guess we've gotten up with her at least 850 times in 15 months. Oh my.

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