Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Over!

The yard sale was a huge success. We were able to sell a lot of the big items. Only one trip to Salvation Army was needed with the leftovers. And except for some anxiety about people actually coming, it was actually kind of fun. I complain a lot about the amount of traffic, both car and pedestrian, that we see in front of our house, but today that was totally worth it! Better yet, we can walk (well crouch) around in our attic again! Huge thanks to Grunny and Charlie for coming into town to help out, to Maggie for coming over to help out with Lily and to sweet Bill for putting up with my neurotic self. It was a ton of work, but worth it.
At one point there was a lull in the shoppers and Lily said, "I guess we'll just have to sell the stuff to ourselves." Lily is very excited for her trip to the Disney Store to shop with the money "she" made - from toys we sold that she wasn't too excited about giving up, even though it's possible she didn't play with any of them for more than 20 minutes in the last 4 years.
Lily and Bill just went to Salvation Army, but Lily is sure he's taking her to soccer practice. We told her that we'd do soccer after they got back in the yard, but she keeps talking about it like it's somewhere else. She isn't even being "silly." She is deadset that she has soccer practice today at some remote location.
The baby boom is starting again around our friends. Congrats to Mike & Audra Bayes on the (early) arrival of Samuel! Mike & Audra have always been so sweet to Lily and Imogene, so we can't wait to repay the favors to Samuel. I never dreamed we'd live in DC this long, but it's so worth it for the friendships we developed (like the Bayes's) that make living in this huge area seem not so huge at all.

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