Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lily and Lucy "share" things back and forth. Usually this means that Lily is borrowing something of Lucy's, not the other way around. Today I told her we needed to give Lucy her sparkly pink shoes back (mostly because they are too big and she keeps asking to wear them outside). Lily's idea was this: "I know! We can sell them to her at our yard sale. She can come and we can let her have them there. We can sell them back to Lucy." I think she even threw in a "She'll love that idea."
Today she told me that she dreamed about having the moon sleep with her, so could I please get her a moon lovie to have in her bed.
Imogene and I dropped Lily and Lucy off at school today and when they got out of the car Imogene just sobbed her eyes out. She was so sad to see them go. We had a great OT session today. She stayed in her bathing suit for constraint therapy almost the entire time. One of the things Kristen (the SLP) had suggested was bubbles for getting her to make the "o" with her mouth, so now she loves bubbles. So Amy did bubbles during constraint and she was making the cutest little face. I've also noticed her 'blowing' her food when I put it in front of her like I do when it's hot. Cutest face that I will have to get on camera.
Dr. Baldrate said that Imogene was at an age where going down to one nap a day was pretty common, so we're trying that out. I was not driving as safely as I could on the way home from therapy to keep her up (tickling works, as does saying "lily lily lily" 100 times) but she stayed awake. And it wasn't that hard to get her to sleep for her nap, which was only an hour, but it's better than nothing. Apparently she didn't go to bed quite so easily (I was at a preschool board meeting), but we can't get it all right in one day. I should remember that more often. I can't get it all right in one day. All I can do is try harder tomorrow than I did today. :)

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