Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry, Lil

Lily told me today she wants a baby brother. In the car to the park she made such an earnest and heartfelt effort to convince me it was a good idea. "I would be such a good big sister to the little brother. It's okay if he sleeps in Imogene's room. If they both cry you and daddy can go help them. And then I'll do everything I can to play with them and do what the little brother needs. It's okay if little brothers cost money. If we need money for the stuff you and I do together we'll just get more money. I'll be so good to the baby and people will see him at the park and say he's so adorable." She had a response for every one I gave back to her. Then she got all quiet and said, "Baby Brother." FYI: She is NOT getting a baby brother.
I'm not sure why she wants a baby brother when the current sibling is biting her (perhaps she thinks a new baby wouldn't bite?) Imogene gets very upset when Lily interferes or gets in her way and she just takes a chunk out of her. It's part frustration with not being able to talk, part frustration with not being able to move like Lily. And Imogene just bawls her eyes out when Lily gets upset about being bit, and when we tell her she can't bite!
We went to a wonderful elementary school park yesterday with preschool Garden Club. They have a butterfly habitat, bird habitat, a little greenhouse, gorgeous vegetables, and a Colonial times garden, complete with log cabin. Lily told me that she wished the log cabin was full of tons of toys so she could stay there forever. The best part was when she kept holding her hands to her chin/mouth and exclaining, "This is incredible! I just love this garden!"

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