Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekends are Fun

Weekends are just fun, aren't they? Especially since you get to tag-team your children and not be out-numbered! Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. So you know where we had supper.
Lily dressed up as a cow. This was not considered "full-cow" and so she only got her nuggets for free and not her entire meal. I find this questionable (She had a tail for crying out loud!) and plan to complain. :)

Who doesn't love posing with a "Fire-Cow" as Lily referred to him?

Again, this was not considered full-cow, even with a tail. The nerve.

Saturday we headed up to Frederick for Bill's uncle's 70th birthday. I have no pictures of this lovely event, because my children were either crying that I wasn't holding them (the short one) or attached to my leg or lap or arms like glue (the taller one). Imogene I figured would be like that, but I was really surprised Lily was so clingy. On the way home we decided to go do something interesting with the gorgeous afternoon (and Imogene fell asleep so we were trying to stretch out her nap), so we ended up down on the National Mall, found a spot right next to the American Indian museum, and so that's where we went! Our visit didn't last too long - the material is a little over Lily's head - and so we went over to the Air and Space Museum. We found a few exhibits there that interested both girls (Imogene like playing with a touch screen computer program, of course!) but it was so crowded. We remembered why we don't go downtown in the summer. Too Many Tourists. 

Lily really wanted her picture taken with this statue. 
She waited patiently for 5 or 6 people to take theirs before she got up there. 

For some reason she's really into posing in crazy positions and having her picture taken. 
Bill thinks she picked up the "posing" from cheer camp. Hmm....

Having a little snack before we head back home.

I love how they are doing the exact same thing, and I didn't tell them to do it!

There she is with the poses again. And that is a cheerleading move I think.

Sunday was the World Cup final. One of our favorite restaurants was having a block party barbeque so we had lunch there. It was really very fun even if we didn't stay to watch the game there.

Who doesn't love a soccer party hat and some lemonade? Not to mention the 25 times she went over and got soaking wet in the 'misting water' fan. That thing kept her entertained the ENTIRE time.

We had a brief, but lovely visit from Grunny & Charlie Sunday evening and Monday morning into the afternoon. They brought the girls lots of fun things from the Crayola factory. We're definitely going to need to make a trip there with them soon! Imogene loves, loves, loves to color. She is showing Charlie these neat "blocks" that fit all together. Great toy for Imogene to use both hands!

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  1. What the H is full cow, anyway????? I'd complain .....