Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do they Still make Calgon?

Because if they do, we could use some to take us away! It's never dull here. Let me update you first on Imogene. She had her follow-up on Thursday and Dr. Madigan said she looks great. We'll see him again the first week of September for the 6-week follow-up, when he should be able to tell if the surgery remedied the strabismus. Her eye isn't as red anymore, and it's starting to turn yellow. The eye isn't bleeding, it's bruised. So if you think about how a bruise looks as it heals, that's how to describe what's happening to Imogene's eye. Her sleep had not been so great this week, but last night was a good bit better.
And now, for our other eye issue. For those of you who haven't heard, Bill found out Thursday that his retina in his right eye was detached. He'd been seeing spots and his vision was getting a little blurry and so he went into to his retina specialist. It took him all of five minutes to diagnosis the detachment. There are a few reasons for it - a couple blows to the head in soccer, a serious injury to his eye in high school, and his nearsightedness all likely contributed. So, he had an emergency procedure on Thursday, and another on Friday. It appears the retina has reattached, but we'll know for sure on Tuesday when he goes back to the doctor. In the meantime, he has to remain upright 24 hours a day. That means sleeping sitting up too. No lifting, not even little Imogene. No exertion whatsoever. Sheesh. It's really hard on him, and he's in pain from the procedures, and his back is starting to suffer from not being able to lay down. Thank you God that Grunny and Naney were both here on Thursday so I could go get Bill and so that we had extra hands. Grunny had to head home Friday, but Naney is here until Sunday afternoon. We'll get through Monday and then hopefully Tuesday some of these restrictions will be lifted. Especially since we're supposed to be heading to New York Friday for the wedding of one of my oldest friends from Columbia.
Of course Bill can't fly for 6 weeks, and we bought our plane tickets on Tuesday to fly to Maine in August. Oh this crazy, crazy life. Everyone pray it's reattached when we go on Tuesday!

In other news, we're in the middle of Just Ducky show weekend. Yep, our timing is Awesome. Lily has been a great salesperson, and is so funny when she tries clothes on she'll crinkle up her nose and say "Mom, does this size fit me? Do you think it's the right color? I just don't know."
If you ask Imogene where something is she makes this funny little sound and turns her arm/palm up to the air as if to say "I don't know." There is some approximation for "I don't know."

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