Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some MORE Pictures!

Trying out the camera on the new iPhone 4! 
You really only get great shots in full, outside lighting. But she's still cute.

I bought this hat for Imogene, but it was way too big. It looks great on Lily!

Our friend Megan took this of our little bartender...she was actually pretty happy here for a while!

Imogene and her first "suitor" in matching bibs and Fourth of July finest!

This is at the zoo Saturday, where we took a trip quick before dinner with the Jurgensens. Look at Imogene in the background - love that face!

Now she's the center of attention!

This is in front of the Elephant yard. Imogene stood at the fence and just yelled and babbled at the elephant and kept saying "Hido" - as in "hi dog." 

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