Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Images from Tuesday

How cute is that? She really did okay with all the pre-op stuff, even when there were 6 people in the room asking questions and looking at her! She hates to sit on a scale - no idea what that's about.

You can see the "GG" on her brow above the eye, which are the initials of one of Dr. Madigan's team. At first we thought it was "GO"! This is how they mark which eye to operate!

Snuggling with Daddy post-op. You can see her little face all furrowed and concerned!

A couple hours later, Still sleeping in Daddy's arms. We got the hat off. It was taped to her head.
 Didn't seem all that comfortable.

All the wires and stuff were taped to her feet. 
When she did start to stir, she would kick that left foot in disgust!

Finally awake (sort of) And enjoying a delicious popsicle. Beth, the nurse, said they are the best ever. Blue Bonnet maybe? She wasn't kidding. Imogene devoured it. But boy does it stain. She still has markings on her arm where it dripped. And since we can't bathe her for 12 more days (She can't get any water in her eye), we'll be testing how long it really stains :)

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