Friday, July 2, 2010

What a week!

We've had a really busy 7 days! Last weekend our dear friends Mike & Leslie came into town with their triplets. Leslie & I have been friends for about 10 years(!!!) - and the four of us spent a lot of time together before they moved to NYC a few weeks before Lily was born. They recently moved to Connecticut and we hadn't gotten to meet their three babies! What a great time we had with them. Lily was particularly taken by the three of them, and was a very sweet "big friend." As she just said, "Those silly triplets are so silly."

Imogene thought Mike was hysterical.
Jack was very interested in Imogene - finally,  a girl that isn't his sister!

They went up the stairs 100 times!


Sunday morning the girls and I drove to Columbia for the week to spend time with Naney. We didn't have the best trip down there - heavy traffic, horrendous thunderstorms, screaming Imogene - but we made it by late afternoon. Monday through Thursday Lily participated in the cheerleading camp at my high school, Spring Valley. She had an absolute blast, which made me so happy! Many, many years ago, I was a camper at the same camp, and then worked the camp all four years I cheered at the high school. The daughters of a few of my dear friends from growing up also were in the camp. It was so neat (and a little bizarre) to see Lily in green and gold cheering for the Vikings.  One day we went to lunch with Granddad after camp and she was doing her cheers all loud and jumping around in the restaurant! She was so cute and excited at the "Camp Show" - I'll be sure to put the video up soon. 

At the "Camp Show" - We put her with the five year olds since that is where her friends were, which was a good idea! 
This is Courtney, who must be magical, because Lily talked about her all week. They did face painting each day, which Lily of course loved!

If you look really hard you can see Lily in the dead middle of the pack.

With Mallory. Her mom, Amy, and I have been friends since we were younger than them!

We spent time with Uncle Ryan and Whitney, but didn't get to see Aunt Susan and Matt (so sad!). Wednesday afternoon we visited with my cousins and their kids, which is always fun! 

Play-doh in the middle of the living room with Catie Jane (in pink) and Sean. My Aunt Cathy is a saint!

Imogene, Beth and Sean.

Catie Jane, Sean, and Imogene.

Yesterday we drove back after a fun lunch with Columbia friends. Arrived in record time of 7 hours and only stopped once. That will surely never happen again! We can't wait to go back in October - we're hitting the fair, a Brown family reunion, and the best part - Lily gets to cheer at half-time of the Spring Valley football game! 

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