Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Celebration

Despite the look on her face, she's very happy to be celebrating the 4th of July. We had some friends over Sunday for a barbeque, where it was so hot you didn't even know the grill was on! We are in a major heatwave. Imogene is making this face because I am taking her pictures and not holding her. She is SO attached to me right now. She either wants me to be holding her or holding her hands so she can walk around. If Lily sits in my lap she gets crazy mad and grunts and screams and shoves at her. Whoa feisty girl we have here! 

Her sparkly tattoo. 

Look at that adorable bib! Megan (she of the adorable pink shirt) made this for her - Connor had a matching one! So so cute. 

Lily had a cute top to wear with her shorts that I bought to match, but it had a small ruffle on the sleeves and she wouldn't wear it, hence the tank-top. We are battling like crazy on clothes. She will not wear anything with ruffles one day, and then wants a dress the next. I cannot figure her out. We give her options and choices, so we're not dictating to her what she wears, but there are only so many things out there without a small ruffle for girls. She is really whiny and fussy and grumpy and mean these days. Other times, when the balance of the world is just right, she's super pleasant and very fun.  You just never know what you're going to get! But she was lots of fun that afternoon (not that morning) and so she got to do this...

Yes, that is our four year old holding a lit sparkler. She loved every minute of it (Ryan she's your niece!) and followed all the rules (I made so many rules I'm amazed she had fun.) 

Tracie took this shot ... such a great way to show how much fun she was having!

Yep, they are running around with lit fire. Only in America! 

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