Sunday, July 18, 2010

Over the (Susquehanna) River and Onto the Pa. Turnpike... Grunny and Charlie's we went!  Yes, this is Bill, making my blogging debut in honor of the trip Lily, Imogene, and I took this weekend. 
The drive up on Friday was great, until we had about ten minutes to go (cue the ominous music).  We're almost there, and I am feeling like World's #1 Dad because we made it through lunch, several potty breaks at lunch (not easy in a Men's room at Cracker Barrel), and Imogene's nap just fine.  Then, just as we pass a sign on the Turnpike saying "Next Exit 8 Miles," I hear Lily suddenly start crying for Mommy.  No big deal, I figure I can talk her down.  Not so fast, Dad.  Next thing I know, Lily is getting sick all over herself and the backseat!  Poor girl has to wait 10 minutes until we can get off the pike and find a safe place to clean up.  Of course, Lily was 100% fine and happy right after we cleaned up and changed clothes.  So we make it to Mom's house in one piece, with all 3 of us feeling pretty good and excited to see Mom and Charlie. 
Thirty minutes later I notice that one of the car's tires is completely flat.  This is just awesome for so many reasons, one of which is that it is Friday at 5 pm and Imogene needs to be home for surgery early Monday morning.  I got a little nervous, with visions of being stuck in Pa. the whole weekend.  Anyway, long story short, thanks to Honda Roadside and the Goodyear place in Doylestown, the tire was fixed and back on the car by Saturday morning.  It was great luck that it went flat at the end of the trip, and not on the Pa. turnpike. 
Car issues aside, we had a great time at Mom and Charlie's place.  Many of Mom's neighbors came by to meet the girls, and Lily told every one of them 3 things whether they asked or not: she got sick in the car, we got a flat tire, and Imogene just turned one and a half.  The girl likes to talk.  The girls played outside for a bit, with bubbles being the main attraction, and played inside with some new toys Mom got for them.  Yes, my mother, who informed Lauren and I that she would never spoil her grandchildren with gifts, got them both some new toys.  Shocking, I know. 
Bedtime and sleeping went great for both girls, with Imogene only waking up once during the night.  Lily only kicked me in the bed we were sharing 2-3 times.  I was expecting her to hit her usual average of a dozen kicks per night of co-sleeping. 
On Saturday, we had a great lunch with Bill and Beth Luce, who seemed quite glad to be away from their house full of 15 college kids in town for a party (their son, Max, is a Senior at Lafayette).  Imogene and I then hit the road and got back here in much less eventful fashion.  Lily got to stay an extra night and have a sleep over at Grunny's.  She was very jazzed about this, especially because it meant another night on the pullout sofa.  Don't ask me how the pullout was such a novelty, given that we have two in our house.  Lily and Grunny are on the road as I type this...
All in all, it was a great trip, and the girls and I were very glad to give Lauren a quick break from all of us.  Hopefully, the girls will not mind that she dropped part of their college funds at Tyson's on Friday (as detailed in her latest post). 

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  1. Your blogging debut was great! Sorry for all of the bumps on the road, but you handled it all like the fantastic dad you are! Love you, Linda