Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's over!

It would be an understatement to say we're glad yesterday is over. If for no other reason than we were so, so tired last night. Imogene had a really rough time waking up in the afternoon. When we got home she looked at Lily, and then fell asleep. She really was either asleep or crying until about 6:40 when she ate a great dinner, and then played a little bit. It wasn't the easiest time getting her in the bed, but we finally did around 9:15 and promptly fell right to sleep ourselves. Lily of course woke up around 3:30. Bill took over with her, and I slept until Imogene woke up at 6. She laid with me for a while, and then we went downstairs. I figured she was up for the day, but when I tried to give her the eye drops, she was so upset that she fell asleep in my lap for another 45 minutes! Her eye is still red, goopy  and a little glassy, but she looks pretty good! Her spirits are definitely up, and she's having a great time playing with Grunny & Lily while I blog!
Dr. Madigan said the surgery went perfectly. We go back to check how it is healing on Thursday morning, but it will be 6 weeks before he can tell what the results really are. He said it takes that long for the muscles to take the new position, and for the brain to readjust. Ultimately this is a brain issue. The technical term is "Sixth-nerve palsy." (Which we didn't even know until last week.) The eye isn't where the issue is, it's in the brain telling the muscles how to hold the eye.
We had an awesome nurse in recovery - thank goodness since we spent the greater part of 5 hours with her! She grew up in the Columbia area, and her family technically still lives there. I say technically because her sons go to boarding school in Virginia and her husband travels with NASCAR, and she's a nurse at Children's so she can be close to her kids. It's really such a small world. Her youngest son is going to play football at VT when he graduates.
Lily made Imogene some nice pictures with dogs on them for her welcome home. I had told her that Imogene's eye would be red, so she had some red color next to some blue or brown color, and had dictated to Grunny that it was "red eye/brown eye."

Grunny told us a nice story from when Lily was with her in Doylestown. Lily was sitting in her lap late Saturday afternoon and said, "Grunny, do you know why I have to go home tomorrow? I need to give my sister a hug and a kiss before she has her surgery."

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