Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

What a day! We started by cleaning up around the house and cleaning out the car - both so unbelievably needed, and a good way to get the week off to the right start. Ever have that feeling? You just can't function anymore until the crackers are vacuumed off the carpet in your car and in your dining room? Really, never? Well, that was where we were today! Then we had a yummy brunch at a cool restaurant that was showing "Monsters, Inc." Very fun on Halloween. Late this afternoon we went to a party down the street and then all the kids headed out to trick-or-treat. There must have been 25 at one point all going house-to-house. Made both Bill and I feel so good about our neighbors, and our neighborhood. Lily had an absolute blast trick-or-treating. She said at one point, "Everyone loves my costume." (She never flinched about wearing the poodle today!) And "boy, this bag sure is heavy." At the end of the night it was just her and Wade left, and she said "Hey Wade isn't it crazy that it's just you and me?" And then to a man at a house we stopped at, "His brother Will is over at Owen's house taking a break." She's a hoot sometimes! Poor Imogene. She was just getting the hang of trick-or-treating and then saw a little boy from our street in his VERY SCARY devil mask. I mean really, I was shocked a 4 year-old would wear it! She was in the wagon, and he was right next to her and she couldn't get out. She could not recover from the hysterics. She cried and cried for over an hour. Poor baby girl. And poor Bill who dealt with it while I kept going with Lily! Thanks to Auntie Erin for coming with us tonight. Lily loves "her friend Erin" so much - and had a great time having a third adult to boss around! :)

Tomorrow is picture day for Lily at school. Please pray for me that she will get dressed in one of the three nice outfits I've left for her to pick out (she already chose one, but I gave her two back-ups just in case), and do her hair nicely, and put her shoes on without too much struggle. You know, what I pray for every morning!

Imogene is saying "woof" here.

We all love Erin!

Here she goes again finding somewhere to sit.

The 'hood.

She just kept trick-or-treating. Walked right up to the houses with the other kids without batting an eyelash. When we were done she was wiped out, but I said something about her being tired and she said, "No, I just wish I could make it for more trick-or-treating."

With her buddy Will. We had such a nice dinner with the Jones family Friday night. Lily missed her boys, but got a great fix of them this weekend! :) 

Here she goes.

At one house she worked, and worked until she got the candy out of the bowl with her right hand.

Dropping the loot in the bag.

With lola in the wagon. they must have gotten in and out 10 times.

Just a small part of the clan. 

Keeping with the poodle theme. Our pumpkins were two bones and a dog!

Trick-or-treating at Lucy's.

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