Sunday, October 24, 2010

SC trip, Day 1 - Cheerleading!

I am way behind on the blog. Here (and the two posts above this one) are the pictures from our wonderful trip to Columbia & McCormick last weekend. Maggie came with us, since Bill had to work. It was SO great to have her with us, and I hope she had as much fun as she claims she did!

In Nane's backyard.

They are pretty little things aren't they :)?

Agenda Item #1. Attend the SVHS football game for Lily to cheer with her camp buddies at half-time. 

Here it is - good thing we didn't blink. It lasted approximately 60 seconds. Lily had been told (by her mother) that she'd be cheering on the field. Clearly, that's not the field. She noticed. Comes into the stands afterward and says "Um, when am I going out on the field?"

But she had fun anyway. 

With Mallory - you know her! Her mom Amy is my life-long friend.

All four of us together. 30+ years of friendship and counting.

Talking to her FAVORITE cheerleader Claudia. I swear it was like Lily and her buddies were talking to celebrities. Lily ran up to Claudia and jumped into her arms. It was SO cute.

Someone wants in on the action.

Aunt Susan was happy to help her get a better view.

Pretty happy camper!

With Ava. Didn't take their eyes off of the big girls! When it was time to go, Lily said, "but Mom, Spring Valley is about to score." Sure enough, touchdown 2 plays later. That's my girl!!!!

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