Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Lead-Up to Halloween

Here we are at the first of two parties yesterday. 

Lily is saying to a little girl she had just met, "This is my little sister. Her name is Imogene. She's 21 months." 

Never sees a chair she doesn't want to sit in. Or a pumpkin, or a curb, or a stool.

This is after party #1 on the way to Party #2.

A beautiful setting for a birthday party on a farm, complete with hayride and bonfire.

Gorgeous sunset.

This may be one of the top ten pictures I've ever taken of Lily. I just love it.

On the hayride with Brennan. She loves Brennan. Always has!

She's getting tired, and hungry and wonders what on earth we are doing riding around in this thing filled with hay in the freezing cold.

Fun times in the "Cornbox"

Pumpking carving time!

What's in here?

Can I eat it? 

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