Sunday, October 24, 2010

I know, I know

The blog has been very silent for a while. When we returned from SC, Bill was out late for a work dinner. Tuesday morning I attended a preschool fair for Westminster, and then met Bill and Imogene at Children's Hospital in Fairfax for Imogene's appointment with Dr. Morozova. Dr. Morozova was really pleased with Imogene's progress, but does want her to wear an orthotic on her right foot. It is turned out, and dragging, and this should help. It will go up just above her ankle - kind of mid-way between ankle and calf. It will take a few weeks to make, and we're still getting the appointment to have the mold made, so it will probably be Thanksgiving before she's wearing it. But other than that, it was a good appointment and Imogene was an absolute doll with Dr. Morozova. It was fun to see.
Tuesday night was preschool board meeting, and then Wednesday we had the Preschool Parents' Night. Did you know I am the preschool board chair? Sheesh, I am. So those were busy days. Thursday morning Imogene and I got to piddle around during school because PT was cancelled at the last minute. Sometime soon she'll be getting her cast for her left arm, so she can start the constraint therapy with that. It's a normal cast, but it is cut up the middle so you can slip it on and off the left arm, to force her to use the right.
I had Stella & Dot Thursday night and Friday night (and Sunday afternoon!) I tell you all this to offer some explanation as to why the blog has been SO quiet. It's just been a Crazy couple of weeks around here.
But, I hope you will enjoy the three posts that are below this one that have pictures *lots of pictures* from our trip.
Finally, please pray for our friend Sydney Moss who is in the hospital in Atlanta. She's had a high fever and receiving antibiotics. Send her up in prayer please! Also pray for our friend Alexis's father who is also in a hospital in Atlanta.
Thank you!

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