Thursday, November 4, 2010

Therapy Update

Imogene went to have the mold made for her DAFO foot brace on Monday. It is plastic with straps and goes a bit above her ankle. It is customizable, so we went with lavender plastic and lavender and green polka dot ribbon on the straps. We go back on the 18th to try it on and then start wearing it a little bit each day.  She also had her cast made for her left arm to wear during constraint therapy. It didn't exactly work - she got it off in about 10 minutes. She was so funny - kept saying "on" and "off" and finally got it off and looked at me and smiled. Some other OT made this one, and so we've basically told the center that we want Amy to make it or not at all. Funny, there are politics involved in everything you do these days. But she did tolerate it okay - did not scream or go crazy, just didn't want it on.
Lily will have her OT evaluation with Amy next Wednesday. If Amy agrees with the screening people (which is likely) then we will have a regular appointment with her on Mondays right after school. She is excited that she gets to go play with Amy to get "Ready for kindergarten."

And a little update on Stella & Dot. Things are going great, so great that I'm building a team. I really think this is going to be something I can continue with for a while. So, if you know anyone who wants to work from home and look really cute while doing it, please send them my way! Thanks for letting me bring my business into the blog! My experience with Stella & Dot has really done wonders for me - on a personal basis even more than economical!

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  1. tell me more about your Stella and Dot team...!