Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Trip to Blacksburg

We left early Friday morning to meet our Friends the Tates in Blacksburg. What a GREAT weekend we had. Really, everything went so well. All 5 kids were entertained by each other and the game. We made it to the end of the 3rd quarter! We rented a cottage at Mountain Lake, which is a hotel about 20 minutes from Blacksburg. It's where they filmed most of the movie Dirty Dancing. And boy do they not let you forget that fact! But it's a beautiful setting - even if there is no water in the lake right now. 

We started off the weekend with a fundraiser Stella & Dot show at my sorority's house. Lily was an excellent stylist's assistant, as was the wonderful girl who helped me set it all up at VT! 

Lily and her new BFF, Hollis Tate. They are practicing their moves for the big game.

Mountain Lake Hotel.

All five kids in their pjs and bed heads.

Totally ready for the game. Can you see the love between LAS and Hollis?

Family photo - thank you Emily - this one is perfect!

Lily and Hollis played football with Steve, who played football for VT!

We had really, really good seats that we bought from ebay!

They loved the game and cheered right along. Especially liked watching the cheerleaders, the dancers, the band, and everyone doing the Hokie Pokie after the 3rd quarter.

This little lady was a trooper all weekend. Our room had a king bed, so we slept with Imogene Friday night, and Lily joined us Saturday night too! Imogene loved the game. She clapped her little fisted clap and pointed at the field and laughed and was just so cute the entire time. Emily made this dress for Lily when she was 6 months old. It's short on Imogene, but of course, it still fit her. Isn't it precious? Emily is going to make more and make a fortune :)

Lily loves to do that rest-your-head on the shoulder of your friend pose. They were really cute together.

Imogene could not get enough of sitting on the curb. She would come get a snack, go sit, come get a snack, go sit. Over and Over. 

Drawing up their next play. 
Hollis is very good, and has the whole 'hand-off from the quarterback' down just right.

Behind that precious little baby with the crazy hair is where mountain lake used to be. behind the 'lake' is the gazebo where Baby and her dad have a fight in the movie. You know you remember that scene.

Dinner Saturday night. They are wiped out at this point!

Our Cottage. yes, that's baby's cottage too. people were actually taking pictures of us sitting on the porch one day. it's stop #7 on the Dirty Dancing Mountain Lake tour. Come on, you know you're jealous.

Future Roommates in front of Burruss Hall.

Those stones are the memorials to the students and faculty who lost their lives in April 2007. There are two benches nearby in honor of the survivors. I had not been back to Tech since that day, and I thought seeing that, and the passage of time would make me feel less sad. It did not. It is still such a terrible tragedy. But, I could not be prouder of the way that beautiful school has handled it all so beautifully. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH!

Running across the drillfield. It was so cool to see Lily and Imogene playing on my beloved campus!

Lily is very tickled because she can not only pick Imogene up, but now she can walk around while she's holding her too!

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