Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patching

Since the fall after we were married we've gone out to Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD to the pumpkin patch which also has apple picking and cut your own Christmas tree. We've done it all! We didn't have a big plan to go this year, but when SHOCKER! we had a free day Saturday, we decided to give it a go. The weather was perfect and we all had a blast. 

Imogene Loved to sit on the pumpkins.

Very excited to tell me about the chickens she saw.

It seems they have baby pigs every fall. I have a picture of Lily doing the same thing on the fence when she was 2. She was very certain which of those pigs was Wilbur.

On the hay ride.

Love this one.

Mommy is able to smile despite hitting her head really, really hard on the car door earlier in the day. (I was looking at cute Imogene in the back seat and I just clocked my head on the door. Not smart.)

I really like this one too!

She found another place to sit!

oops! (I went to pick her up when she fell, and hit her in the head with the camera. it was not my day.)

Okay, that's just cute isn't it?

She sat and looked out over the wagon for a while.

And finally. The best part. This is about the best caramel apple you will EVER eat. We ate two between the three of us (Imogene was not amused by the mess it made.) Lily ate some apple, but mostly just chewed the caramel off. Who can blame her?

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