Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip to SC - Day 3 Trip to SC state fair!

So we finally get to the fair on Sunday afternoon. We went right to see the animals. This was not the hit I thought it was going to be. Although the girls did like watching the little chicks try to ride this tiny ferris wheel. I will try to find a picture of that. Here are the pigs, which Lily wanted to see, until they smelled awful, and oinked so loud that Imogene was terrified and cried.

Now we're excited, because we're waiting, for....

wait for it...

The PIG RACES! Needs no explanation.

Imogene is excited about the race! 

Off for her first roller coaster ride.

See her smiling on the ride?

And still smiling off the ride. She LOVED the roller coasters. She rode 3 roller coasters, the swings, little cars, and airplanes. No fear at all. Loved it. Although she wouldn't get on the ferris wheel even though it's all she talked about before the fair. I don't really blame her - it was very big in person!

Look at that baby face.

Imogene was too little for the rides!
Maybe next year!

Loved watching her feet swing.

This is probably my favorite picture from the entire fair.

Happy again coming off the swings.

Ryan's Turn to ride!

Up in the air.

Please notice that she's posing for the camera while riding high in the sky.

Imogene was so tickled by the ducks floating in the water at the games. So much that the attendant at the game just gave her a little toy - she's just that cute.

We did it! We won something purple for Miss Pam! A purple crayon!!!! 
Lily and world's-best-uncle Ryan won it in a balloon-dart game.

Maggie won the GIANT sheep at a water gun game.

Thank you very much, your's truly won Lily that duck in a water gun game.

Finally! Our last ride of the night, Imogene gets to ride! She was so happy and was babbling on and on during the whole thing. She says 'neigh' for horse, so she was neigh-neigh-neigh the whole time!

She's waving at Uncle Ryan, so of course she's got a huge smile on her face!

Yeah, the fair was a success! Hope next year Daddy can go with us!

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