Sunday, October 24, 2010

SC Trip - Day 2 Watson/Brown Family Farm

On Saturday morning we went to Mount Carmel, via McCormick, for Brown/Watson family reunion at the house where my grandmother Lura Jean and her sister Virginia grew up. Grandmommy passed away about 10 years ago, but sweet Aunt Virginia is still with us, and was able to make the reunion. She's in such great shape and spirits. I've always loved being around her, but it really made me sadder than it normally does that neither of my grandmothers that I so loved got to meet my girls.

Imogene had a lot of fun. 

And gave out lots of hugs :) Lily is waiting for her turn to count while playing hide and seek.

Lily and Imogene with their cousins Eli and Clara.

The moms and dad join in. (Paul is my first cousin, and just a few weeks older than I.)

Best Aunt ever, and the girls who love her!

Lily warmed to Clara right away and they had fun playing. Clara just turned 5 and is a doll! It was fun to see Lily be so open to making new friends. She's really quite the social-butterfly. Hmm, wonder who she gets that from? 

Big, old trees. Love it.

With Granddad on the fence. (We have a similar picture from when Lily was not quite 2.)

The brothers and their girls.

Flat Woods Farm. My dad and Aunt Virginia have put a lot of work into making sure the house stays 'intact' and Dad has built a shed in the back with a toilet and sink. The house dates back to the early 1800s, and the door knobs are all about the right height for Imogene!!! We went out to the cemetery that is in the back of the house behind a very old barn. Lily said "I'll go to the cemetery. Only I don't know what that is."

Checking out a hickory nut with granddad. Lily has carried that thing around since we left there, and it is currently in her cubby at school so that her friends can see it too.

My dad with his brother, cousins Lura & Tavey, and sweet, sweet Aunt Virginia.

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