Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fun

We participated in the Del Ray Halloween Parade on Sunday and went to a pumpkin patch on Monday. Thanks to Naney for making the trip this weekend, again, to be with us and help out. Mommy and Daddy got a whole extra hour of sleep on Sunday thanks to her! We're gearing up for Halloween. Lily has her school party tomorrow, and we have a neighborhood party Saturday afternoon before trick-or-treating, rain rain stay away! Imogene is still on the new medicines from last week, but they certainly aren't making her nights any better. It's not really clear that they are making her stomach feel any better either. She's such a sweet, happy baby during the day. Makes the night wakings and inconsolable screaming so much harder to figure out.
Lily and Mommy took Imogene to get her blood drawn to run the tests from last week again. Poor Imogene had to get both arms stuck before it would work, and poor Lily was so not enjoying listening to her sister that upset. What a day.
Therapy is on Wednesday this week. Since it's at 8 a.m., Bill can take her and not miss too much work. This is great for mommy to get a little break, and for daddy to get to participate, which he misses. It's also good because it allows a set of 'fresh' eyes and ears to learn about what we should be doing.
Click this link for pictures from this past weekend. We'll update them after Saturday as well.

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