Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Weeks Are Flying By!

It's another PT Thursday! Except for the lovely gift that Imogene made for me in her diaper on the way there that required about 15 wipes and a washing of the car seat cover, PT went great today. Let me tell you what, if you've never changed a really, really, really dirty diaper on a wriggling baby in the back of the car you have no idea what you are missing. This was only made better by the fact that I carried her into the building in the office park in her diaper and a blanket thrown hastily over her because we were already late at this point. You can imagine the stares I got from people considering that it was a brisk 60 degrees here this morning. I swear one woman driving by actually gaped at me in disgust. But Imogene does her PT in just her diaper and I wasn't going to dress the wiggle-worm to just undress her 5 minutes later. So, anyway, back to PT. It went great, and Imogene only screamed at the very end. She even tolerated being fitted for her splint, which is here and very cute and very tiny. (I took some pictures of her in it and will post later today, I promise!) We are working our way up to wearing it 2 hours on, and 2 hours off. She only tries to eat it for the first few minutes it is on, and then apparently forgets about it, which is good news.
Our next doctor's appointment is Monday, when we visit the pediatric opthamologist, Dr. Madigan for the first time. Still awaiting a return call about the physiatrist, Dr. Morozova. Susan the PT said that her wait time can be 3 months. Good grief.
Lily and I participated in the WWP Garden Club after school yesterday. This is an extracurricular activity for the kids to learn about the plants, flowers and vegetables that surround the school's playground, and then to actually get in there and do some gardening. It's just another reason why we love Westminster. She said during it, "I love gardening." And then went around singing a little song to herself about working together. It was very entertaining.
Our wonderful friends Meredith & Caroline DeGuenther, who lived here when the girls were babies and now live in Boston, visited us for the night on Wednesday. We had such a fun visit, and took the girls to an old haunt for dinner, Nordstroms Cafe! Lily and Caroline were all set to have a real slumber party and actually sleep in Lily's bed together. The moment arrived, and Lily freaked and would not share her bed. Poor Caroline was pretty heartbroken. This afternoon Lily said "why did Caroline have to leave us?" She misses her friend! You'll see pictures of how cute they looked together in their Just Ducky outfits as soon as I post them, I promise!
Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain here on Saturday. We have plans to go to an Oktoberfest Block Party hosted by one of our favorite restaurants. Lily has her heart set on getting her face painted, which we missed at an art festival we attended last Saturday!

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