Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Thursday, Again?

How is it Thursday again? Is time really going by that quickly? I believe it is!

Today's PT did not go so well. Imogene is just so sensitive to people she doesn't know very well touching her or trying to hold her. So imagine how much she enjoys it when someone tries to manipulate her body to do something she really doesn't want to do. Good times for all! Imogene was absolutely hysterical, much like she was for over an hour last night at 1 am! Hey, at least someone else knows what we're dealing with each night! Today I felt terrible for the other kids in the therapy center. They must have been looking at their moms like "Should I be screaming too? What does that baby know that I don't know?"

Lily was a big girl yesterday and went with her friend Tennyson and her mom, Melissa, to ballet class. A big girl carpool. Her teacher called today to say that she really hopes Lily will keep it up, because she can tell that she enjoys it a lot. And that the crying was probably a little for my benefit, and just from the changes of the new year. So we'll keep at it. Yeah!

I mentioned a few weeks ago how Susan the PT recommended I start a binder, which I, oh lover of organizational products, did. In just a few short weeks I've used up all my tabs and need more! More doctors equals more tabs. However, I was so happy to have my binder on Monday at Dr. McClintock's. And today during PT, Susan asked me if I had some paperwork and I was able to pull it right out of the binder! She even said how great it was I was keeping it up. I admit I wanted a gold star or something to wear on my shirt. Sometimes PT can feel a little bit like a class you're failing miserably no matter how much you want to do well, and that was a tiny little victory today!

Naney is arriving tonight. Lily is very excited! So are we because we are planning to go on a date while she is here! Fingers crossed...

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