Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still Here!

Several people have checked in to see if all is okay here. Thank you to our loyal readers! :) Things are okay here. We've just been a little crazed lately. Bill flew to London last Saturday night for a week's business trip. Fortunately he didn't miss any of the fun we had on Halloween. Imogene and Lily both had a blast, and I'll post pictures with more details soon. Bill's trip to London went very well and he even got to see a soccer game while he was there, as well as spend time with my friend from growing up, Andrew. We really missed Daddy but were well taken care of during the week with visits from Grunny and then from Naney, and our friend Erin Campbell spent last Sunday with us, thank goodness for these wonderful women! Lily must have told me 100 times "I still miss Daddy in England."
Imogene's sleeping is not going so well. For over a week she was waking up every two hours through the night. Thinking she might have an ear infection, she saw the pediatrician, but she was fine. Last night she only woke up twice, but we're still trying to figure out what is going on there. She had been making a little bit of progress.
Stay tuned for pictures from Halloween and more ... thanks for checking in on the Siglers!

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