Monday, October 19, 2009

To the Doctor We Go, Again

This time we went to see wonderful, patient and caring Dr. Baldrate, the girls' pediatrician. We certainly had lots to talk about with her. Imogene, as always when she's at all these doctor's offices, was quite a trooper. We're going to start two new medicines, one to help her stomach, and one to treat acid reflux. Way back when she was a newborn (that seems way-back!) we tried several different reflux medicines, but to be honest, we were never quite sure she had reflux. Dr. Baldrate thinks that it is worth trying a reflux medicine to see if that will help her at night, and maybe cut out the spitting up which happens daily. We'll try anything to help her at night, which in turn helps us. Sleep, people, we need sleep! Imogene was quite the charmer with Dr. Baldrate, but she started to lose her patience with us when we were waiting for the nurse to come back with her shots. She was so not happy after the vaccine and her flu shot, both in her right leg. Then we had to go down to their lab, to get a CBC work-up and lead test (both standard tests run at her age by the pediatrician). Both of these could have been done with a finger prick, but since Imogene also needed to have blood work done for the clotting disorder test, she needed a blood culture (the long drawn blood from the arm, complete with rubber tourniquet.) Let's just say Imogene did not enjoy this one bit at all. Sweet Bill held her and did his best, but she was not happy, and who can blame her! She's really going to be mad at me when we go back later this week. Yep, we have to go back. Seems she was so unhappy that her blood flowed so slowly that they didn't get enough for all the tests. They told me this news, and then asked if they could just prick her finger one time to check a level that showed up weird in their first test. Oh good grief. Not a good time at all. Poor thing was so wiped she fell asleep about 5 minutes into the drive home. The kind of asleep where your head falls completely forward and you don't even care. She was back to her sweet, happy self by the afternoon.

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