Thursday, October 15, 2009

PT went well today. Imogene worked on weight-bearing on her legs, and we learned how to teach her to (one day) use her arms to pull up to a standing position using a chair or a table.
Lily behaved really well, considering it was her first time there and she had no idea what to expect, and she didn't really get that I couldn't pay full attention to her. She handled that part pretty well. I think she thought if Susan was working with Imogene, then I could just play with her the whole time. Susan did bring out a few toys for Lily to play with, which I greatly appreciated. It made Lily feel a little special, as did the 'Dora' sticker she got to pick out of the 'treasure chest' at the end of the appointment. There is a little boy Lily's age who is at the PT center when we are there each week. His name is Jack and he always comes over, with a little hesitation, and plays peek-a-boo with Imogene. His mom and I finally had a chance to speak to each other today, and she said he's been in some type of therapy or another since Imogene's age. It's funny how quickly you can be reminded of how fast time goes, and how many people are going through something so similar to what you feel so isolated in. When we were driving to therapy Lily asked when she could go with us to see Dr. McClintock. Um, okay Lily, I had not realized that you picked up on his name! I don't think we say his name that much, but maybe we do! Or as Bill said, "maybe she reads the blog." She also said when we pulled up to the medical park where the center is, "This isn't Dr. Baldrate's office." (That's our pediatrician.) She's too funny.
Here are some pictures of Imogene ready to head out into the cold, rainy day we had today. Thanks to the Sowell family for the adorable jacket!

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