Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a Great Fall Weekend

We had a full and fun weekend. Lily and Imogene had a great time, as did we, at an Oktoberfest party on Saturday. Lily loved having her face painted and jumping in the moon bounce. Imogene was so happy in the Bjorn just watching all the action. Today after Lily went to her yoga class (which she still loves!) we went over to a church pumpkin sale near our house. The weather was perfect for getting into the feel of fall. This is definitely our favorite time of year!
We head to the opthamologist tomorrow for Imogene. Hope to be able to update the blog by the end of the day. Happy Columbus Day!

She was fussing until we finally gave her a pumpkin to hold!

Lily was prepared to take a lot more pumpkins home than we'd plan to buy!

Butterfly Lily had so much fun in the moon bounce.

They both had such a blast at Oktoberfest!

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