Monday, October 12, 2009


Imogene saw Dr. William Madigan today, who is a pediatric opthamologist with Children's Hospital. It was a long, two hour appointment, most of which was spent waiting for her eyes to dialate. She was such a good patient and did not even scream for that long after the drops! Her right eye is 'wandering' just a bit - he said about 5%, which is not too serious. He said that she is turning her head just slightly to the left, which is how she compensates when the right eye wanders and she wants to look straight ahead. (That still doesn't make complete sense to me, so I'm not sure I'm really explaining it correctly.) Nevertheless, he did not want us to be too concerned and said it was a pretty normal response to the palsy. We'll watch out for any changes, and he wants to see her again in 3 months. So yeah, a doctor's appointment that didn't end with us feeling confused and "full of angst" as Bill so appropriately put it!
Imogene will be NINE months old on Friday! Wow! We'll see our regular pediatrician on Monday the 19th for her nine month check-up. Boy do we have a lot to talk to Dr. Baldrate about!

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