Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe it was because of the wonderful 'early fall' weather, but we had a great day today. Or maybe it was because Imogene took two good naps, after a night where she was up crying from 11 pm until 2 am. But it could have been the weather.

Imogene is usually very friendly to strangers, as long as they don't try to hold her. She smiles her big teethy smile and then buries her head in my shoulder or arm and laughs. It's too cute.
She is so in love with one of the regular staff members at a local frozen custard place called "The Dairy Godmother." We go there a lot because it is so darn good - even when you can't have dairy! They have wonderful sorbet as well as this sinfully good sundae called a Dusty Road which is chocolate custard with malt powder and fudge...hmm, wonder what time they close?... So anyway, Imogene has seen this one guy at least once a week since she could hold her head up a look around. She goes bananas excited when he talks to her, and he tells everyone in the shop that she's his girlfriend. A complete flirt at 7 months!
The funny part for me is that he looks just like DJ Lance Rock from this bizarre (in my opinion) show called Yo Gabba Gabba on Noggin/Nick Jr. I would like it known I did not actually know he had a name until I looked it up. Can any parent out there explain the deal with the YGG show? Lily doesn't love it like Max & Ruby or Pinky Dinky Doo, but she'll watch it. For the life of me I cannot explain to you why. It freaks me out that show!

Yesterday Lily and Bill were in the hardware store and she asked to carry the lightbulb for him. "I want to help. I'm the big sister and big sisters are good at helping."

One of my favorite times of the day, for many reasons, is when Lily says good night to Imogene. This usually occurs as I am nursing Imogene, and Lily is headed for books and sleep with Bill. Oh the glorious nights when Bill is home for bedtime! Lily gives Imogene a kiss (or 20) on her head and whispers things like "I love you little sister." "Sleep tight sweet Imogene." "I hope you have a nice rest." "Don't let the bed bugs bite."
It is just the dearest thing to watch and to witness.
Tonight she said "Let me kiss her little hand. I hope you find your right hand, Imogene."
Oh my goodness, these girls and my heart!

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  1. That last part just made me tear up a little! We need to get together so I can renew my bff-ness with sweet Lily.