Friday, August 21, 2009

Hard Knocks

We are not reality TV watchers in our house. There's enough going on in our lives without worrying about somebody else's drama! And as for me, I just don't get into the NFL. College football, yes ma'am from morning 'til night. But NFL, no thanks. However, put me in front of a reality TV show about the NFL, and I'm all over it. Enter HARD KNOCKS on HBO, which follows a different NFL team during training camp each season. I cannot explain it, but I love that show. Of course we have to watch it ONDemand, because goodness knows we cannot stay up past 10 pm! This year's season follows the Cincinnati Bengals, who were terrible last year (4-11), which of course I had no idea until I watched the show. Tune in! If you stay up past 10, you can catch it at 10 pm on Wednesday nights.

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