Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday was day 2 of physical therapy. PT Susan was not surprised by the diagnosis. This was what she suspected from our first visit. So...Susan did some more testing with Imogene to get a more thorough assessment and we received our first of many 'homework assignments.' One is very fun, it just involves gentle compression on her shoulders, arms and legs. Yes, please, any excuse to squeeze on my baby! The other helps her learn to roll to the left using her right side, which is hard for her since her right side is so weak - speaking of which, we think she is waking up so much at night because she's getting stuck with her right arm on the wall of the crib, and can't get back on her belly to get comfy. But I digress, The other two homework assignments were to get a binder started to keep up with all our paperwork from our various visits to doctors and therapists. Hello! Don't have to tell me twice to buy something to get organized. I love organization and all the stuff you can get to help with it! And finally, to call our city Parent Infant Education office ("PIE") which provides services for families in similar situations to us. We may not use their services yet, but at least need to get in their system.

I'm finding that we've picked some popular people for our team. PT Susan's schedule is completely booked, and this week and next, she just fit us in on cancellations. Yikes. Granted, it's only been two visits, but we're so happy with her, and Imogene is learning to be comfortable around her already. Susan really wants to have Imogene as her patient, so we're hoping she'll be able to work something out.
Dr. McClintock told us to come back for a follow-up post-MRI in October. That would work, except that he's completely booked for the entire month. Good thing I've already made friends with Gloria, the scheduler in his office. We worked out a plan for me to call her when the MRI is done, then 7-10 days after that, when the MRI results are back, she'll start looking every day for a cancellation. She'll probably call us in the evening the day prior to the appointment. Sheesh. I am a planner, and I like to know when things are going to happen. Going to have to let that go on this one!

Lily watches a lot of TV. There, I said it. In our defense, we've been exhausted for 7 months and 13 days straight. Not that I'm counting. But today, while watching "Little Bill," she learned to sing "This Little Light of Mine." It's the sweetest thing and she's so happy while she sings it, that I'll trade the joy in her face for the guilt I feel about how much tv she watches.
Also adorable, she loves listening to Taylor Swift over and over and sings along with the CD. I love TS, so this is fun for me. Bill, not so much. Neither of us are fans of the KIDZ Bop cd she got in a McDonald's Happy Meal!

Other funnies from Lily...
"Hey mom, I'm just gonna go catch up with these guys." as if she was 14.
"Hey there leftie." talking to Imogene. I took this as a term of endearment, because she gets so excited when Imogene does anything with her right hand.

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