Friday, August 7, 2009


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend of family and friends last weekend for Imogene's baptism. Of course we woke up that morning an hour after I had planned (thanks to being up with her a bunch over the course of the night) and I was in a panic that I wouldn't get it all done before we had to leave at 9:30. Sweet Bill reminded me that I get like this every time we host anything in our house. We didn't leave quite at 9:30 and Imogene hadn't taken a nap and it was pouring down rain but we all made it in time to be in our seats before 10 am!

Imogene did great during the actual baptism. She wasn't a huge fan of the water on her head, but did well when Casey walked her down the aisle. Thank goodness my mom got her a 'pew doll', a beautiful lace doll that kept her very entertained, and didn't make any noise. Who knew such a toy existed! She had to be 'taken out' by Naney and Aunt Susan for the remainder of the service - but we even got a family picture taken after the service.

The baptism itself was special for us because of the wonderful community we have at Westminster. It really felt as if Imogene's extended family was welcoming her into God's love and care. What care Westminster has provided to us these last 6 1/2 months. And for our friend and pastor, Casey FitzGerald to do the baptism, well, it was just a great day.

One of the topics of conversation of the weekend was Imogene's right arm. Naney had noticed it, and well, I guess I hadn't, but something was not right. Imogene uses her left arm for everything, and only uses her right arm/hand when the left hand needs a little help (usually this is help getting said toy/shirt/other person's finger/spoon) into her mouth.
So Thursday we were at the pediatrician for Lily to have a blood test (complete side-story, she showed a low platelet count in July when her blood was tested to determine the cause of a crazy full-body rash, all is fine now, nothing to worry about) Anyway, I mentioned that the arm thing was a little weird. Our dear, sweet, wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Baldrate says, "huh, let's take a look" ... runs her through a few tests ... I miss a few minutes of this because of course Lily has to potty and no, she cannot wait even another minute more. When Lily and I return from the potty Dr. Baldrate says, yes, she sees what we're seeing. And I'm expecting her to say, so you know, watch it for a little while and help her out etc. Nope, tells me we need to start physical therapy and see a neurologist. Now, I know that this isn't a huge issue in the grand scheme of life and as far as things that could be wrong go, this one will most likely go away pretty easily, but REALLY? REALLY? Sleep-deprived mothers should be sitting down when the pediatrician says neurologist.
I have left messages with both the neurologist and the physical therapist first recommended. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to get an appointment. If we do, Dr. Baldrate said she'd do what she could on her end to get us in somewhere.
Hopefully by Monday we'll have some appointments lined up so we can at least find out what is causing the problem, whether it's nerve or just non-use.
Of course now we're obsessed with what she does with her right arm and watch her constantly. Poor baby, it's always something for her!

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